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I hate AZ hahaha

Ive come a long way baby. before, if this call would have happened like 5 yrs ago, I would I have FREAKED THE HELL OUT.
but I was cool, and calm. with a stern voice, but when I was called a whiny bitch, I freaked, but not in the usualy way. thats why Im proud.

but I know I could have handled it better. So yeah I still have things to work on, but I think I did better then I would have, if this happened a few yrs ago.

but it was the type of personality, that is so harsh, that you immediately are put on the defense. o.0

she screamed and yelled and if she would have just gave me the info and let me help, at 1pm on friday, that day it would have been resolved by 1.30pm. but no, she threw a fit and she had to hang up over and over again and scream and yell and throw a fit like a baby, until she finally got something done at what time. lol 6pm on friday, when all depts are closed at 7, and wont get to any esculated issues until monday. so she will go the entire weekend without tv. *LMAO*

seriously I was more then willing to sit throw the fit she was throwing and listen to her scream until her hearts content, but then she called me a bitch. So thats when I drew the line and told her to stop and i started to argue with her,

I swear it was like the talking stain commercial. where the person is talking, but all you hear is the stain yelling uncoherently "khsdjfhskdfhlsoi07382rkjfakjf@#$@#%#$EDhfufuwgrjkhrtkj34324" while you talk. but you cant be heard.

yeah shes the stain of Qwest.

so she called in again this moring and yelled at my sups , sups, sup. and told them she wanted me to applogize to her, and write her a letter. yeah that will happen when hell freezes over, and she applogies to me for calling me names and not letting me get what needed to be done, done. and she could have had her tv on with in a half hour.

the funny thing is she only pays qwest 14 dollars a month for her phone, and what ever she has for direct tv.

and she threathening to disconnect. go ahead its not a loss to qwest. we have people who pay more in a month, then she does in a whole year. so its not going to affect anything.

anyhow, Im amuzed by her anger, why is she so mad and how can you spend all of your life that angry???

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