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update omg! Im still alive!

well im back some what... i got a new laptop. and yes im just typing... i dont fell like doing all of the punction... blah.

so update. new laptop. got taxs. getting tat colored. have a weird roomate who is a perscribtion drug user. and i tend to end up babysitting. wtf. um my mom is still sick, has no idea yet whats wrong with her. ha even the docs are scratching their heads on whats wrong with her. shes been in and out of the hospital. its gone from almost death to back to normal and then back to almost death. with so many weird things inbetween. im not really sure what else... ohh um lost my job, its been like 7 or 8 months now. it sucks but, its giving me time to be with my mom and help her out.

its easter and i wore a dress and went out with the family to eat at a nice place. haha the CDA resort. it was fun and food was amazing.

ive had so many thoughts locked up inside of me the past like 6 months and ive been dying to get em out, but right now it seems to be asleep and doesnt wanna wake up to share. so until then im gonna go watch kevin hart im a grown little man :) nite -salba

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