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roomate hell

I havent written in here for a while, cause i really havent had a private moment at a comp you know. theres always someone around looking over my shoulder. so ive been writting in my notebook journal. but i like this better. so umm an update.

i got my taxes. i bought a laptop. stealing neighbors internet. hey they fucking make so much noise its only fair. um i got a new roomate whos fucking insane. why do i get stuck with these type of insane people? seriously? her friend linda made her out to be a saint. and now true colors are showing and im fucking stuck... i cant just kick her out, cause she seriously needs help. and im not in a situation to be without a roomate that pays rent ontime. slowly i found out that my roomate who is 55 yrs old, is hooked on prescription meds. anything thats a downer. that makes her check out for like 8 hours at a time. she steals meds from all her friends. her friends have put her thro rehab like 20 times in the past like 10 yrs. she does it, and within days she gets back out and goes right back to what she was doing.

now i wasnt told this up front. i was told she was out of rehab, and she needed a place that had no drugs or drinking. I am the most sober person you will met. lol i have really bad ears, and so if i drink, i can drink like 3 beers and im fucking drunk off my ass, and the last time i drank was like 3 yrs ago, with sausha and nikki and i ended up puking all over saushas steps. so yeah i havent drank since. i take meds like paxil for my depression.... and lisinopril which is a blood pressure med. and the asprin for headaches ya know... nothing big.

so patty has a safe place to be in, no drugs and no drinking. im not a party type person, im a chillaxe and watch movies and read and listen to music and talk type person. im also really private. i like to be alone... i know im weird shut up lol :)

so linda, pattys friend of like 20 yrs helps move her into my aptment. and after everything is settled in and pattys here, she wants tv and online, i said i dont have the cash now, and so patty spent a lot of time at lindas house. so for like the first month she spent maybe like 6 whole days here. the rest at lindas.

then one day linda calls me and says we have to talk. patty took a bunch of meds and shes needs to sleep it off. well in walks patty, walking that drunk walk... and goes into her bedroom and crashes on the bed. linda talks to me, and we go into her bedroom grab all her purses and bags and go thro to see what meds she has.

we took like 15 bottles of pills out of that room, and im sure more were hidden. so we sat in lindas car with the doors locked, and patty on the outside banging on the window yelling "give me back my pills" all slurred like.

we give her the 3 pills she is prescribed by her docs. the rest linda keeps.

next few weeks go by... its ok. shes spends most of of the time over at lindas so no worry for me. shes doing ok, she calls and checks in... we spend a couple nites watching movies and eating pizza. just chillin. things are good.

then i get food poisoning from taco bell. and after that patty seems to stay more at lindas... which is fine by me. so from dec 17th to jan 8th i dont see her.

on jan 8th my cat is sick. hes on his death bed. and i had a horrible day. i lost my kitty oliver that day. but linda and patty were with me and helped me thro that tough day. that was the last time i seen patty normal til today.

so from jan 8th to now, she spent the nite here a total of like 5 times. the rest of the time she was at lindas.

now between that time... who knows how may times she was sober.

so yesterday I get a call from one of pattys friend. al. he asks are you home? are you going to stay home? If i knew what was in store i would have said no and to go to the ER.

so he says we are bringing patty home, shes drunk. omfg. the last time she drank, she was in the er and had her stomach pumped. so now in my mind im freaking out.

i call my sister and talk to her, she says if shes not responsive take her to the er or call the cops.

so al arrives and patty is in the front seat and shes drooling... and shes moaning. shes not normal. it freaked me out.

it took me, al, and theresa to walk her up two flights of stairs. she pees her pants. we put her in the bed. and shes moaning really loud. and we have her on her side. but im affraid she will roll off the bed and hurt herself, im affraid she will puke and choke on it and DIE. i really didnt know what to do. and Im not a nurse. so I really didnt have faith in me that i could take care of her the way she needed to be.

and my gut was saying call the cops and get her to the er. so both al and theresa were like its a beautiful day and i have shit to do, so yeah im not gonna let patty ruin my day with her pitty bullshit. and thats why she can sleep it off.

i asked what happened before she came over. al says patty was with another male friend and they got into a fight, he kicked her out of the car, over by tacobell on appleway. so she walked from taco bell down the block to the liquior store and both a 5th of gin and guzzled the whole thing. she also took a bunch of pills. how many and what? we dont know. she then called al. who didnt know she just drank a bottle of booze and downed pills.

so he comes gets her and they go home, well within like a half hour she went from being normal talking patty to slumped over drooling patty on the couch. so he brought her here.

now i understand that they have been thro this with patty like 200000000 times in the past 20 yrs with patty. but to throw it on me i think is bullshit, cause it freaked me the fuck out. and i was seriously thinking shes dying of an OD.

both al and theresa were wanting no part in taking her to the ER. so i waited until they left and i called the cops. so i had 3 cops come to the house..... and like 5 paramedics to haul her down the stairs... and take her to the ER. and when the paramedics came into her room she wasnt moving.... she wasnts making any noise. she was breathing tho. she was totaly unresponsive otherwise. and they found like 8 pill bottles.

i told them what happened and i said she needs to be commited to the hospital and stay and get clean.

so what do I see at like 6pm tonight. patty walking in. i was like wtf you shouldnt be out. but no the hospital discharged her and let her go. so shes comes by to get her purse and phone and some clothes and leaves... with who and for how long? I dont know.

but god i dont know how she talked her way out, or why they let her go. but she needs help and its something i cant do. and she has to want it to. you can lead a horse to water but you cant force it to drink.

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