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My Sanity Slowly Slipping Away...

The Everyday Ramblings of Salba

4 December
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This journal is a collection of everything about me.

All you will see here, are my thoughts, rants and pictures and sometimes you may read something, and get the wrong idea.

I am not suicidal. what you see here will be my worst days. My best days and the days inbetween.

(which means I bitch alot =P)

This is a collection (if you will) of thoughts and everyday events in my life. and on this journal I will be blunt, honest and emotional. maybe too emotional at times.

Sometimes when I write, Im angry, or sad, or hurt, and Its just words. If you dont like it, then do not read anything. I am not making you read it. This is just how I vent my frustrations. I feel so much better after I write. It just clears my mind.

We all have gotten mad and said things. Well I write them down. I write down, exactly what I am feeling at that moment.

Some days I might go on about nothing because I have nothing better to do, and other days I may just have a point to make. all in all, its just a journal, and its mine.

I am not making you read it. This is just how I vent my frustrations about everyday life.
If you do not like it, then leave. its as simple as that.